Gunnar af Hällström is a systematic theologian mainly doing research in Patristics. The study of the Church fathers kept him and his family for decades in the vicinity to university towns, Helsinki first, then Manchester, Rome, Joensuu and Turku.

In leisure time he has taken an interest in choir-singing, later in his life also in boating and local politics.

Europe, Greece and western Russia are close to his heart.


Apologists and Athens
Early Christianity Meets Ancient Greek Thinking

Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XXV

Johdatus varhaisen kirkon teologiaan

Patristiikan käsikirja

Charismatic Succession:

A Study on Origen’s Concept of Prophecy

Carnis resurrectio:
The interpretation of a credal formula

(Commentationes humanarum litterarum 86)

Fides Simpliciorum

according to Origen of Alexandria


  • Irenaeus the Peacemaker on Ecumenism.

    (in print)
  • Providence (Pronoia) in the Early Apologists and Creeds

    2020, Apologists and Athens, Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens
  • The Problem Concerning the Historical Adam in the Theology of Origen

    2017, Adam and Eve story in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Perspectives, Åbo Akademi University
  • What can Modern Theologians Learn from Origen’s School in Caesarea?

    2017, Icoana credintei