Apologists and Athens

Apologists and Athens 150 150 Gunnar af Hällström

Apologists and Athens
Early Christianity Meet Ancient Greek Thinking

Gunnar af Hällström (ed.)

Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens vol. XXV

Gunnar af Hällström -Apologists and Athens

Publisher: Suomen Ateenan-Instituutin säätiö, 2020
Hardcover: 166 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-952-68500-5-4

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    • Karin Blomqvist, Reading, Learning and Discussing.
      Being a Student at Athens in the Early Roman Empire
    • Sven-Olav Back, On the Areopagus Speech and its Reception in Second-Century Apologetics
    • Jerker Blomqvist, Apologetics and Rhetoric in the Ad Diognetum
    • Dimitrios Karadimas, Justin’s Dialogue with Trypho Revisited
    • Anni Maria Laato, The Trophy and the Unicorn. Two Images of the Cross of Christ in Justin Martyr’s Texts, with Special Regard to Reception History
    • Nicu Dumitrascu, Reconsidering Anthropology:
      A Note on Soul and Body in the Thinking of Justin Martyr
    • Andes-Christian Jacobsen, What has Athenagoras to do with Athens.
      A Geography of Athenagoras’ Life and Thought
    • Pablo Argárate, The Doctrine of God in Athenagoras’ Legatio
    • Serafim Seppälä, Aristides and Athenagoras of Athens on Angels:
      From Christian-Jewish Polemics towards Universalism
    • Gunnar af Hällström, Providence (Pronoia) in the Early Apologists and Creeds
    • Aspasia Kaloudi, The Chraracteristics of Greek Religion according to Origen’s Contra Celsum