Viesti vainotuilta

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Viesti vainotuilta –
Toisen vuosisadan apologeettojen puheenvuoro

Gunnar af Hällström

Gunnar af Hällström -Apologists and Athens

Publisher: Perussanoma, 2021
Hardcover: 208 pages
Language: Finnish
ISBN: 9789518889260

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  • What exactly happened after the New Testament?

    The second Christian century has always been of interest to both scholars and the Christian people in general. The transition from apostolic church and thought to church age and theology is considerable, and the second century and partly the third help to interpret the course of Christianity.

    Great periods of persecution also took place during that era, up to when the time of the early church martyrs ended in the early 300s. There were numerous accusations against the early Christians. All classes of society, from the illiterate to the philosophers and rulers, made their typical anti-Christian accusations: the uneducated regarding sex and violence, the philosophers about stupidity, and the rulers about civil disobedience.

    The Apologists responded to everyone, but above all to the rulers, as they had the power to decide whether or not to persecute Christians. Their response provide even today’s readers with a good picture of how they understood Christian doctrine and life. Even on the bench of the accused, they did not merely defend themselves, but recommended an acquaintance with the best possible “philosophy,” that is, Christianity.

    The speech of the apologetics is a message from the persecuted early church.

    • The Introduction
    • The Background:
      • second Christian century
      • Storm warning
      • Diversiform group of defenders
    • The Theology:
      • The Greek gods
      • The God of the “atheists”
      • Greetings from heaven: doctrine of Christ
      • God is a Holy Spirit – and the other way round
      • A Christian, God’s image
      • Called to be God’s image (anthropology)
      • The almost invisible church
      • The end of times